Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Haunting of Hill Valley

The Haunting of Hill Valley is a fairly interesting build.  It is owned by Cinn Morigi (cinnamonmousse) & Syler Avon (jaiden.nexen), who are the owners of GTFO (Get the Freight out), which I had blogged about previously
The Haunting of Hill Valley is located on the Basenville region in the Satori continent, right off of Route 8.  It is a really cool build because Hill Valley is an actual neighborhood, that is located in the next two regions, one with homes and the other region contains townhouses, along with the GTFO HQ.  In the Haunted section, you can click on a bike rezzer and take a little ride around the neighborhoods, right up to the board walk and their store plaza area. 
I really could go on and on about what is there, since there was so much to see.  For the Haunted area, you have a large haunted mansion to explore, a smaller witches house with all the trimmings, a large and small graveyard, along with a haunted gazebo that has dancing ghosts around it. 
Chatting with one of the owners, this is an area that they plan on doing many things with.  They are on the Top SL Haunted Places tour and hunt and they are in the Destination Guide as well, for this season.  This is basically their Event/Display area, which will be changing with the seasons and the different holidays, so this is a place to keep your eyes on. 
The land is rated moderate and a little heads up that the neighborhoods contain rentals, the beach houses, homes, and townhouses.

**A little side notes: While blogging these areas and since I'm a major Halloween fan, I decided I would show off the costumes I like to wear while I'm working on these areas.  The costume I'm wearing is called the Georgina Outfit, from AFI Designs.  It comes with a hat, hair, jacket, jeans, boots, and the balloon, which has the holding pose in it.  It is really super cute on and I was having a blast wearing it while I was doing my landscape photography.  Check AFI Designs out for more Halloween costumes as well.  She has some really great ideas and selection to choose from.

 **WL used was by Jay Battlescare - Special Deco 4.0 (1)